Tripped Up

It's been so icy and snowy here the last couple of weeks.  I'm really not used to it.  Last weekend one afternoon I slipped on some ice and fell.  I cranked my back out of wack and now have the worst sciatic pain down m left side.  I'm moving slow, uncomfortable, and haven't slept. I … Continue reading Tripped Up

Etsy Issues

Etsy has me in a bind. Thursday night several orders were placed and processed.  They showed up in my 'open orders' tab and the shipping countdown started.  I typically ship in the next day or two or the next business day if it's a weekend. Awesome, great.  I love my customers and these two orders … Continue reading Etsy Issues


Yoni continues to be my best selling product and something I'm incredibly proud of.  Several years ago, around the time of my first surgery for Endo (I'm level IV), my doctors and I formulated this wash.  It's a very mild soap that rinses away clean without stripping any of the natural 'lubricant' the body creates … Continue reading Yoni