We bought a new house this summer and we’ve been slowing working on making it our own.  That means endless trips to Lowe’s (and Joann’s and Micheal’s).  A lot of time I’m left wandering around.  The other day while in the hardware aisle, nestled across from the endless wall of screws, was a section for hanging pictures.


While looking for something to hang some plates, I discovered these.


I thought to myself….”Huh, self.  You can totally use these, can’t you?!”  And I bought a pack of four for $2.23 (Lowe’s gives a 10% military discount!).

I put them on my desk and forgot about them until last night when I was putting together my NCW and ran across them.  I decided to try them out, the whole aesthetic sort of fit the steamy sort of feeling I was working with.

They were very easy to attach using my rivet press and a 9mm rivet.  I opted for the larger rivet because I was fastening a couple layers of vinyl in the wallet wings.  I just threaded the d-ring through, capped the rivet, and set it.


Now it’s a very unique and really secure little wristlet strap holder.  I could probably put one on the other side as well and attach a cross body strap.  I’m going to play around with them some later.  It’s nice because when there is not a strap attached, you can fold the ring out of the way.  I actually tucks in tight against the wing.


The final wallet turned out perfect.  It’s a match to my Nora set, which I hope to have posted soon.



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