For some reason I can sit down with a bad pattern with two dozen little pieces and be all like “yup, I got this”,  but sewing a couple of throw pillows for the couch held me up for over a month.


I got this octopus print well over a year ago when we were still living in Italy.  I had originally wanted to make a bag out of it (no surprise).  When we moved here we developed a completely new aesthetic for our home, playing off the old Victorian lines in the house and coupling that with the previous owners very OOD monochromatic scheme for everything.  The result has this growing Steampunk feel, so these old octopi are perfect.


Basically I just read about a dozen tutorials and watched some videos and then let everything sit for a good long time.  Then I made pretty basic envelope style covers, using an oversized black pipping I picked up at Joann’s for 40% off.


They’re very clean and simple, like the couch, but fit in perfectly with the overall style.  It was literally as easy as sewing a box and my machine rips through bulk like a champ.



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