Hello, Doctor

I finished my Nora Doctor Bag from Swoon Patterns last week.  I made it from 100% Joann’s fabrics.  They don’t have the biggest Halloween selection, but it’s fairly nice!  There is more costuming stuff than prints, I guess is what I mean.

I made the smallest size, using the templates from Tops & Bobbins.  I have all three sizes.  If you don’t have their templates, I’ll wait right here while you go order some.  They are lifesavers and completely amazing.


I had hesitated to make this bag because I was worried about the bulk in the seems, but since I’m on my new Industrial thought it was about time.

I used a lot of rivets to sort of add to the Steampunk feel I was going with.  I really think it turned out well.


I also made a matching plague doctor key fob, a NCW, and a little zippered pouch.



I plan on using this set in October.  It’s a nice little size, easy to carry, but seems to fit plenty inside, including a full sized NCW.  I usually wear a cross body (usually a Hollyhock), but I feel like I could give this style a personal try!


3 thoughts on “Hello, Doctor

      • roguesofthread says:

        I find the choice of interfacing to sometimes be a little tough. I know they all say exactly what they’re for, but my lightweight fabric could be someone else’s medium, etc. I’ve also not had great experience with the foam stuff. Or maybe I just don’t like the look on my projects. Anyway – you’ve completed a fun, cute and practical project. 😁 Love the matching accessories too.


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